Women. Get us into a room and we can talk for hours. About relationships, about faith…about motherhood! There’s always echoes of laughter and nods of appreciation, sighs that say, “At least I’m not alone in that!” Gasps that say, “No way!”

The first Resolution Ladies Forum was not only an opportunity to learn about communication skills, branding and etiquette from 3 ladies who were great to listen to, but also a chance for me to share my experience thus far about my journey into motherhood.


I talked less and listened more. I yearn that nowadays, to hear people out, get their perspective. After speaking briefly about trying to figure out my work-life balance (yeah, I’ll be talking about that for some time to come!), I opened the floor to hear from others about their own experiences. The highlight for me was when Roselyn, a pleasant, tough talking woman said she has 6 children 😳 and later said if she could change anything about the relationship she has with her teens, its that she would listen and bond more with them when they were little.

Lessons upon lessons in one short session. And a great idea for a new blog post too from one concerned parent – how do we balance the use of technology with our little ones? How much access it too much? How do we monitor what they’re watching? That’s a WHOLE other post.

There was talk of working late hours and having to go home to cook a warm meal, trying to understand why a six year old son wants to change schools, hoping to get through the first few years of working while raising a young family.

But the most gusty take home for me was from Ann, a mother who says that from the day her little one was born, she decided that the two of them had their own lives. Sounds complex? Almost controversial? I interpreted it this way; if we are never able to continue with our own ambitions and our own downtime, it’s not healthy for the kind of relationship we should be building with our children and, for those of us who have them, our partners. Another blog post? I’m on it!

In a room full of women, we laughed and learned. Looking forward to our next session!





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  1. Lucy Mutungi says:

    Hi Janet, I absolutely love all your articles. You always have a way of making your messages new and fresh. That said, I would really love to be in that room full of women next time. Thank you.

  2. Njema Rispher says:

    You true inspiration to so many!btw what would you say to someone who feels has great potential but doesnt know where to begin?22yrs

  3. felister says:

    how much access to technology is too much??ha!waiting for that blog..it will be of much help to me..thank you janet you are just very blessed

  4. Nicole says:

    Thank you very much Janet.Im about to become a mom and almost gave up on my work because of the emotional and physical hardships im going through in the first trimester.But whenever i remember seeing you reading news until almost the third trimester,i get the strength to push on every morning.It has been too hard since it is my first time and getting my patner and Boss to understand isnt easy at all.You’ve always been my inspiration all through.Thank you for using your precious time to share experiences with other women.We appreciate.❤

    • Janet Mbugua says:

      Thank you so much for this Nicole, I truly appreciate your kind words. You’ll get the hang of it, I know I get anxious sometimes but I’m learning that it will all come together. Bless you dear ❤️

  5. Agy says:

    Always inspiring gal,love u

  6. wangu muriuki says:

    hi Janet this was a good read..kindly provide a way one can reach you directly if they want to discuss business

  7. Sally says:

    I like the title and the imagery it evokes. The art of listening is slowly dying in this world of relentless self promotion. It is amazing what you learn when you take the time to listen to understand rather than just listening to respond. Your posts this week are causing me to shake off the exasperating appendage of comfort that had become my security blanket in the last year. There is something powerful about women lifting women. Bravo on your initiatives.

    • Janet Mbugua says:

      I love how you write, Sally! Thank you for your comment and for appreciating my posts and what I’m trying to communicate. 💕

  8. waithira says:

    I love all your articles Janet…
    what would you wish someone told you at 24???
    Am a 24yrs old graduate and I have no clue about my life right now…. Am trying to discover who I really am as a woman and my purpose in life

    • Janet Mbugua says:

      Hey dear! Wow, I can say so many things and I believe I’ll be posting something similar soon, but in the meantime, what do you really love doing that comes easy to you? Writing? PR? Styling? Speaking? Everyone has that ONE thing. From there, grow it slowly and gradually, find avenues to use it to inspire others and eventually, to earn a living. It’s a journey, but start somewhere. Keep me posted and all the best! ❤❤

    • Valentine says:

      I am 24,graduated and actually feel the same clueless about life am like I don’t know my purpose yet.
      I hope to get inspired by janet

      • Janet Mbugua says:

        Hi dear, don’t be too hard on yourself. Take some time to ascertain what works for you, what drives you, what makes you unique. Slowly start to build that. All the best ❤️

  9. Christine says:

    Great lessons there Janet…God bless you for your good work


  10. Faith koki says:

    Mmmm Thanks..for the lovely posts always a learning plartform…though not yet a mum.Nimesaidika sana especially on personallity.keep up.!!😅😅

  11. Faith koki says:

    Lovely, thanks to this opportunity ..learning and getting much tjrough these posts…keep up.!!!🙌🙌

  12. Emily says:

    so inspiring Janet been going through your posts.God bless you

  13. liz kanyi says:

    We all need each other and what a better way than to hear from those we relate too more…great work btw i love ur hair looks good on u

    • Janet Mbugua says:

      Thanks Liz! I get so inspired by other people’s stories especially women. We have a lot we can learn from each other. As for the hair, it’s been great to give it a break and try something new! Thanks for the love ❤

  14. Jane Macharia says:

    why do such events only happen in Nairobi? Ain’t complaining. ..just wondering.. Would love to be in such a forum coz am rediscovering myself after marriage….child birth. …… Thanks Janet for the post.

  15. Kate Karimi says:

    wow loving every bit. you are such an inspiration

  16. maureen says:

    This week you have totally been a blessings, learnt a lot of things….♥
    always waiting for the next post… bless

  17. Faith mwende says:

    Blessed ladies…. You guys look nice….. Thank you for your lessons Janet 😍😍

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