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I took Huru on his first trip outside the country when he had just turned 6 months old. I needed to be in Cape town for a week shooting a commercial and there was no way I was going to have the heart (or courage)! to leave him behind. So we went along with his most loyal caregiver, my mother, and spent a week there. Despite the longish hours, the cold temperatures and it being his first time experience, he was a great travel companion! For taxi and landing I made sure I was ready with a milk bottle (breast feeding works great if you’re still breastfeeding your young one) and he was warmly zipped up in an outfit that could easily come out for that nappy change. For food, most airlines (but check first) allow you to carry various forms of baby food, in powder or liquid form, and there are changing tables in the air craft. Packed for a lifetime though! But no regrets. All in all be sure to have done your homework so that you can get the documentation in time (passport, letter of approval from your partner etc…the list can be endless)! And begin packing a day or two early so that you have time pick up items you may need for your travel destination. Plus check if the hotel you’ll be staying at has a cot, feeding chair etc so that you can make necessary plans. Ok I’m going to do a blog post about this soon, clearly! So much more to say! But those, I believe, are the basics and they really helped me!




Miss Obath on Instagram: Calpol, some sort of rash cream, sunscreen (depending on where you’re going), their comfort item, a pacifier if they have issues with pressure and an extra change of clothes in your carry bag.


Terry Alaka on Instagram: Books and kids iPad to keep them busy, plus lots of water!


Rose Jazzi on Facebook: Soak some cotton wool in water containing antiseptic and roll them into small balls and pack them in used baby wipes. They come in handy especially when he/she has messed up.


Mary Joel on Facebook: Calpol, Thermometer, wipes, Diapers, few paperbags just incase mtapike (in case baby vomits)


Dora Ruth Newberry on Facebook: Thermometer, Tylenol(painkiller), snacks, an extra T-shirt for you (in case you get drenched up in apple juice etc).


Swahili Food on Instagram: A small lollipop, because it stops the screaming when the ears hurt. Also an iPad with child friendly cartoons when you just can’t anymore.  Also after years of traveling I’ve learnt to pack clothes in zip lock bags categorically, I.e tops in one labeled tops, socks and vests in another, pants in another etc. It helps a lot especially when the lovely people at the check in make you open your bag. 


Air Travel

Air Travel

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