Baby Proofing
IMG_9105I remember turning to get something done in his room and suddenly Huru was quiet, his hollering a few minutes earlier having been replaced by a suspicious silence. I turned round and found him grinning at me as the explored the sockets on the walls. In between having a mild heart attack and picking him up swiftly, I derides myself for not having baby proofed our home enough. That day I went out to Nakumatt to get socket protectors. From the kitchen to the bedroom, I know there’s a few places where proofing is a must:
  • Latches for cabinets and drawers that contain harmful products (once your baby can climb, he can reach anything.)
  • Stove-knob covers, to prevent baby from turning on the burners.
But what else do we need for baby proofing and can you suggest where to get these key items? Looking  forward to the suggestions!