I’ve blogged about this before. Colic is no fun, for baby or for the parents. It is shrouded in many definitions, explanations and myths, but it’s defined as severe, often fluctuating pain in the abdomen caused by intestinal gas or obstruction in the intestines and suffered especially by babies.
The bad news? They can cry so hard you end up crying along with them and just soothing them best as you can, whether by breastfeeding or bottle feeding them, giving them water,  remedies such as Bonnisan or walking around with them! The good news?It magically disappears after 4 months 😊 Any tips or feedback? Help out the new and soon to be mums out there!

Cause not known.

Definition: Rule of 3s. Your baby is likely to have colic if he/she has inconsolable crying for an average of 3 hours in a day, for an average of 3 days in a week and for 3 consecutive weeks.

Diagnosis best made by a pediatrician to exclude the possibility of other illnesses.

Most babies will express symptoms of tummy discomfort.

On average lasts 3 months.

DOES NOT AFFECT your child’s growth.

Medicinal intervention DISCOURAGED unless with the guidance of a specialist/Pediatrician.

Medicinal intervention discouraged because cause of colic not well understood hence challenging to treat. In addition, as parents we are reminded ALL DRUGS ARE POTENTIALLY HARMFUL.

Bottom line : Once diagnosis is made and crying is manageable, hang in there, you’re doing just fine. It will come to pass in the midst of many exciting milestones.  🙌🏽



Juliet Kamotho on Face Book: With my third Born,, colic came knocking,some weeks of sleepless night.I had never experienced this before,, it was awesome with my first and second daughter.wash,my third child boy made me know what this colic thing is…however this colic didn’t beat me,instead I conquered it.This is how I conquered it. acidic foods and carbonated drinks….eg njahi,sour porridge,soda,ready made juice,beans etc breastfeeding while asleep.
3.proper latching.
4.every time I ate anything I suspect cld cause colic,i mediately took lemonade to cleanse the milk…sometimes I cld miss drinking milk and eating ndengu so I cld drink lemonade and nothing wld happen.
In short,lemon water became my BAE.till today @one year and two months I still produce milk like have just given birth.
That was how I conquered colic and after 1month,I enjoy my sleep like no one business.



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