New York

Some of you have asked me to highlight some of the places and sights that stood out for me on my New York trip! I went into a bit of detail in my last post but here’s a snapshot. Oh and I should mention, it’s smelly…very smelly, and musty, but that didn’t take away from its vibrancy!

1. Times Square and its colours and vibrancy

New York

New York

I mentioned this earlier. I loved the energy and the colour at Times Square. The huge billboards and captivating advertising, the sea of people and the variety of things to do!

2. Walking: more walking than I’ve done in my life!

New York

I’m not sure why I enjoyed this 🤔 To be honest I’ve been pretty unfit lately, but I enjoyed racing from one end of the city to the next!

3. Eating Out and Out and About

New York

Good ambiance and good food…what more can I say!

4. Central Park

New York

I was almost tempted to recreate scenes from some of the many movies that have used Central Park in pivotal scenes!

5. The sights

New York-1

Horse and carriage, statues from yesteryear…there was something otherworldly about it all!


There’s a snapshot! 💖

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New York
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  1. Lucy says:

    Wow!your blog is so inspiring..ave just read the New York post…Good stuff!!

  2. Emmaculate says:

    Hi Janet youve been an inspiration to my life ,even though life has not been that easy on my side, especially now that am struggling to see if I can join college, my name is Emmaculate am 24,years, have been brought up by a single mother life with full of challenges but made it in high school.I come from a s family of four 3girls one boyi happen to be the first born on the girls side,at home no one has a job to support the others due to lack o enough qualification to get jobs we survive by Gods grace anyway.I did my form four course in 2012 but since then life HaS not been easy,I had a passion in passuing nursing as a career or sales &marketing as an alternative course, but school fee has been my biggest challege, am calling out for help ,if only I can get support from well wishers through You Janet, i have seen you putting an impact in people’s lives, and i trus thatt with you, my dream can came true. Because I believe when a woman or a Young lady is educated the whole community is educated too .this is my phone number for anyone whom is in a position to help me 0718588931
    Kind request
    Emmaculate jane

  3. Jackie cherotich says:

    It’s as though I was in that journey with you. Your post depicts incredible energy and how people irregardless of who they are strive to make a difference one day at a time. Thanks for the post Janet.

  4. Bakhita says:

    Oh, I love New York from this post. Can’t wait.


    https:// chicfabulous.wordpress.com

  5. Edwin Mburu Gichigo says:

    You have always been my role model since I was 12 years old and now I’m 19 and pursuing a media degree. Thank you Janet. God bless you and your family.

  6. Florence Cheptum says:

    You are an inspiration to many Kenyan ladies Janet. I would wish to meet you for some recipe,,May God bless you as you mentor many.

  7. Sharon says:

    Love the way your posts are short and precise.
    You are my role model Janet.

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