Sneaker mums: Saturday Day Out

Now Saturday’s I love 🤗  Whether I’m out and about with hubby or baby or both, catching up with friends or having lunch with my family, it’s the one day I’m ok not being a home body! Any other mum feel me? I can hear some of you going, ‘Is she crazy? It’s the one day I do nothing but stay home all day, watching series!’ 😅  That’s ok too…trust me, I know the feeling!

But going back to those that love a Saturday day out, the shirt dress is probably your best bet, if the weather permits. Whether you choose to accentuate with a belt like we did here, or just let it flow loosely and comfortably, it’s such a versatile piece that suits everyone! And then you throw in a pair of Yeezys and you know you’re ready for that lunch plan!

Sneaker mums: Saturday Day Out

Sneaker mums: Saturday Day Out

Sneaker mums: Saturday Day Out

Shirt dress: stylist
Belt: @embondy_accessories for @designingafricacollective
Tot bag: @wazawazikenya
Shoes: @tonnieblanks
Sunnies: @augustinoboutique
Accessories: @kipatounbranded

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9 Discussion to this post

  1. Faith Onsinyo says:

    Definitely the look I love most cause of the fact that it has buttons so I can just yank out the milk machine and feed my mini me at any time…. well in the near future cause we are just 3 weeks old

  2. Shelmith Ng'ang'a says:

    I love this
    You look good!!!

  3. Mercy says:

    Very beautiful! I’m jealous that your Saturday is so relaxing😉. I guess mine is always busy! I always find myself on campus working on school stuff.
    Thanks for the mommy tips. From your posts, I can only look forward to being one 😁

  4. Florence says:

    Wow! I just love everything about you!

  5. Dianah Mugo says:

    Hello Janet, you look nice, but today i cant see where you got your outfit collection like the other days….i would love to know coz i especially love the belt, Good fulfilling day Janet..

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