Sneaker mums: sunday best

My posts this week have been a reflection of my various styles. Accentuated by glam squad because Lord knows I needed them for this! 😂

So for the final look I wanted something that can translate from Church to brunch/ lunch and into late afternoon, which is how I tend to spend my best Sundays when I haven’t been too tired to leave the house if Baby Huru has kept me up at night 😳

I love the comfort of a pencil skirt (in this case a body con skirt) and you can always lose the jacket here for a simpler look. These colored sneakers will add a lot of character. Red lip, check!

Sneaker mums: sunday best

I’m so very happy hearing from some of you mums out there! Your feedback has been amazing and I truly hope I’ve inspired some of you to be comfy but stylish, as far as you can. Here’s one comment I loved:

Sneaker mums: sunday best

It’s intense being a mum. And for the working mum, balancing it all can be overwhelming. I intentionally chose to do these feel good posts not to seen like my life is all figured out…far from it! But to emphasize that it’s ok to take care of you too!

We get wrapped up with our children, our families, our jobs…and that’s ok! But when was the last time you did something nice for yourself? Wore a pretty outfit? Treated yourself? Don’t forget you. I feel like when you’re uplifted you’re a better partner, mother and friend. I’m still finding my way but I choose to try. I always will.

Much love and keep reading my posts 🤗🤗❤️❤️

Sneaker mums: sunday best

From left to right: Stylist @iamladymandy, Hair @lennyngugi (at the back), Photographer @mosmwaniki, Make up @rosentongondu and I.

For this look:

Accessories: @kupatounbranded

Leather jacket: @jorges_wardrobe

Bodycon skirt: @vivoactivewear

Shoes: @backyardshoez

Sling bag (used as a clutch bag): @wazawazikenya

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  1. […] I have never ever seen Janet in an outfit I did not like. I follow her on Instagram. I do stalk her profile sometimes so that I can get some inspiration on what to wear. When she is at work, attending an event, at home, running errands(that is how much I follow her)- stalker much! Anyhow, this lady SLAYS every single time. Her outfits are always on point. If I was given a chance to raid someone’s closet, it would definitely be hers. The problem would be her height. I would be a tad short for her clothes; but then again, who cares? I especially liked her #sneakermum blog posts. […]

    • Janet Mbugua says:

      You’re too kind, thank you for those lovely words and for taking the time to follow my journey! I truly appreciate it ❤️❤️🙏🏾

  2. Mercy says:

    Very beautiful! Thanks for sharing your life with us. You’ve been very inspiring to me and I can only look forward to more posts!

  3. Rees says:

    Wao! I am totally inspired and transformed. Thanks Janet. Your are just so cool.

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