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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is so amazing. I love your work girl. Reading your articles has made me look at life in a different perspective. Keep up the good work.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You have a very inspiring blog.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Janet,love your blog. Its so inspiring .Am joining uni this week and am going to study journalism. My dream is to become a great swahili news anchor but my fear is that this career is so competitive. I also fear that by studying in a public uni will be more of a disadvantage since most of you media personalities have studied in universities such as daystar and others abroad. Please can you advise me if you get this.

  4. kenneth wanderi says:

    Hello ma’am(Mrs Ndichu)…am ken and i’m 17years….your lifestyle is worth being emulated……you have been my role model since i was in class 6 now am in form three….i have been following this website and every article you write i make sure i read it…lost my dad through a tragic accident…..i wana be a journalist….please i would really appreciate if you could get back to me….being my role model i usually ask God to command His angels to be arround your family each and everyday…….Its my hope and prayer that you will get bavk to me madam….God bless you….

  5. mum Makena n Ryan says:

    Go gal…10 weeks to go…start baby shopping wish u well…

  6. Joseph Muchene says:

    Keep going gal, am sure so many young ladies are inspired by this blog 

  7. Tracey says:

    I’m happy for you Janet!…I’m even tempted to say,your posts have taken up residence in my mind,lurking in the background,tugging,pulling n cajoling my emotions until I think n feel exactly as you do!And as clinch’e as this is,you inspire me a lot!

  8. Samoina says:

    would be interesting to follow your journey, and reminisce the beauty of pregnancy!!


    PS: Loved the previous blog name more though :/

  9. jane waithaka says:

    you gal,i love your blog,keep walking janet wamuni

  10. Bryan romanovv says:

    I just love your personality. Thanks for this blog and posts iwil get to know you better.

  11. Brian Bright says:

    Go Janet! I’m sure your journey thru pregnancy and motherhood will impact a lot of women! God bless you! Greater things are still to come. You’re headed far!

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