I could be free but you won’t let me;

you disguise your oppression with a veil of accommodation,

mocking my every progression.

I could be me but you don’t want it.

My wings, once fragile, now flap furiously, rousing the soils and sands.

But you want me poised, too prude…too you.

I could have more but you won’t have it;

You want me on my knees,

Begging you, please.

But I will be free-

And when that time comes you’ll know it…

…You’ll see.



Photography: Olive Ndungutse (Facebook – @OliveNdungutse)

Dress: Jamil Walji Couture (Facebook – Jamil Walji Couture)

Ring and Bracelet: Adele Dejak (

Styling: Ace Style Consultants (

Make up: Kayte Macharia (Instagram – @kaytemachariamakeup, Facebook – Make up by Kayte)

Hair: Lenny Ngugi (Istagram – @LennyNgugi, Facebook – @LennyNgugi)

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25 Discussion to this post

  1. linet ndiritu says:

    its always relieving to go through your articles . for a lady like me who sees a lot of mentor ship in you both as a lady and a news anchor. would really want to meet you and have a word with you.

  2. carolyne says:

    Hi Janet am in high school but I always make sure to read your latest blog and your creativity and grammar have really helped me improve my English grades.. kudos

  3. Gladys kilonzo says:

    Where do u get u beautiful dresses from? Always admiring them. If don’t mind, will u kindly connect me


    i love everything about you…and you do inspire me,sometimes when am going through tough times,i just pray,read the bible and finally your thoughts and then i am at peace

    • Janet Mbugua says:

      Keep reading The Word, it’ll give you perspective and the peace you need to face life. Stay blessed and thanks for reading my posts ☺️

  5. Zahra says:

    Amazing poem Janet…

  6. aisha hussein says:

    nice pic for your blog i enjoy reading keep more coming

  7. aisha hussein says:

    you look awsome dear ………for your blogs i enjoy reading keep more coming

  8. Rhyet says:

    Appreciating poetry,Nice Diction,I don’t know how I missed all these.

  9. Njeri Maiga says:

    Such an inspiration u are to many

  10. Mercy says:

    Lovely piece and Lovely pictures Janet Mbugua.

  11. Chelsea Ngugi says:

    That photo
    And the word flow
    Amazing maà

  12. lorna says:

    I so love the post and rhyming poetic tone with crazy pic.

  13. Priscillar says:

    Janet,you are an inspiration
    keep up the good work

  14. Lynda says:

    OMG! You look so gorgeous Janet..The first pic is on point!

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