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I lay on my bed, face up to the ceiling, eyes shut, knees to my chest, trying to quiet the noise inside my head. I’d just swept through our home, making sure to nip any chaos in the bud; Baby Huru was playing, happily, under the watchful eye of the nanny. My husband was having...

I could be free but you won’t let me; you disguise your oppression with a veil of accommodation, mocking my every progression. I could be me but you don’t want it. My wings, once fragile, now flap furiously, rousing the soils and sands. But you want me poised, too prude…too you. I could have more...

Inua Dada Short Term Paybill No.

Inua Dada Short Term Paybill No.
89 Flame Tree, Flametree Dr, Nairobi