Janet Mbugua

I hold the firm belief that when everyone is included, everyone wins and this is the only way we can ensure that gender equity and economic empowerment programs continue being prioritized across the social and political spectrum.

Janet Mbugua

Welcome dear

My background in media and communications over the last 17 years, has allowed me to engage with communities, students, brands, government and policy makers, in taking a multi-sectoral and inclusive approach in advocating for gender equality rights and equity for all. My passion for social justice was fully born when I was a Broadcast Journalist.

A feature story that aired on the station I worked for at the time, showed girls using unsanitary products such as chicken feathers and goat hide to manage their menstruation. The feature became part of my then talk show. It birthed in me the need to push for girls and women to be able to access the right products and information pertaining to their period, while also pushing for the budgetary allocation to be increased in the Kenyan parliament.

Months later, in 2014, I formed my foundation and to date I have been intentional about sounding the alarm necessary in the fight to end period poverty, equip allies with the tools necessary in advocating in their communities, approaching menstrual health management with inclusive programs and promoting empathy and tolerance in communities where taboos and discrimination against women and girls continue to lock many girls out of an education and prevent women from working with dignity.

I appreciate the importance of using my digital space not only to inspire people or share some insights in to my life’s passions and activities, but also to bring key messaging and campaigns, particularly related to sexual and reproductive health and rights, cyber bullying and child safety, to life.

PillarsIf we all speak for those locked out of progress, we can uplift them.

  • Moderator Speaker
  • TV & Radio
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As an extension of her passion for communication, storytelling and media expertise, Janet has hosted various events over the last 12 years. These include some of the following events hosted in front of a global audience:

  • Moderator, SDGs Implementation Stakeholder Engagement New York, 2019
  • MC/ Moderator, ICPD Global Summit Nairobi, 2019
  • Speaker, TED Talk (TEDx) Nairobi, 2019
  • Moderator, Women in Development Conference London, 2020
  • Former 98.4 Capital FM Presenter/Producer
  • Former News Anchor/Producer/Reporter/ TV Show Host in Kenya & South Africa

Janet’s media experience includes being a News Anchor, Reporter and Producer both in her country, Kenya and in South Africa. Her experience in Broadcast has seen her cover the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the 2007 and 2013 Kenya elections and the 2012 U.S Elections.

Janet started out in Radio at the age of 19 on Nairobi’s Capital FM. Years later at 23, she became the host of the popular travel show Out and About on KTN in Kenya and later became a Prime Time News Anchor and Reporter, still on KTN. Janet was then headhunted for the position of News Anchor, Reporter and Producer by e TV in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 2009. She then returned to Kenya in 2011, where she joined Citizen TV as a Prime Time News Anchor, Reporter and Producer until April 2017. In 2019 she co-curated and hosted a TV Show called Here And Now on NTV Kenya, which focused on socio-economic and political issues affecting young people. Janet says she will always have a passion for television and has not ruled out returning to the screens.

  • Top 40 under 40 Women in Kenya – The Top-40 Under-40 annual awards recognize outstanding achievements in various fields in the private and public sectors. Janet was recognized for her work as a Television Presenter/ Producer in discussing socio-economic issues and for the work she does through her Inua Dada Foundation.
  • Top 25 Women in Digital, Kenya – The award announced by Digital Africa, recognizes women who have directly or indirectly contributed to the growth and use of the digital space for personal and societal good. Janet is recognized as a passionate content creator and digital influencer. She uses her platforms to focus on discussing and exploring topical issues that seek to empower and bring social change.

Building relationships and collaborating with brands and companies is something Janet has always considered important, not just in expanding her scope of work, but in amplifying key messaging that is critical for these brands and their audiences. She commits to brands that share similar values that she does, be it the empowerment of women, educating children or raising awareness on pertinent, social issues. She has also participated in experiential, lifestyle events and brand activations. Some of her key collaborations include:

  • Former Resolution Insurance Lead Influencer
  • Kenya ‘Help A Child Reach 5’ Brand Ambassador, Lifebuoy Global
  • Facebook Safe Online Spaces Influencer (Safety Internet Week)

Inua Dada Short Term Paybill No.

Inua Dada Short Term Paybill No.

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