For a trip that’s been two years in the making, Borana Lodge, part of the Borana Conservancy, did not disappoint. It seems that our having a baby and conflicting schedules between my husband Eddie and I meant it took us this long to work out the perfect time to make a getaway and boy were we right! On our two year wedding anniversary! After Hellen from the reservations office rebooked us for the umpteenth time, bless her, we booked our Air Kenya flights, made sure Baby Huru was safely dropped off at his grandparents and departed for a trip that was special in so many ways. But here’s the top 5 reasons why:

1. Rooms with a view


Vast, rustic, romantic. We stepped into our cottage for the weekend, one of the eight at the lodge. After taking in the view of the landscape and settling down to a bottle of champagne, we sat quietly next to each other. We reflected, we flirted, we sighed. Maybe it was the fatigue of the last few years or…maybe it was the setting. It allowed us to escape but be present at the same time. The shower, designed like a cave, offers a snapshot look of the hills and exotic trees. A quaint verandah outside our room turned into a startling dining experience on our last night. It almost seemed like the bonfire held out for us a little longer!

2. Pride Rock and breathtaking landscapes



Twenty-three years ago, Rafiki presented Simba to the Animal Kingdom in a pivotal scene of The Lion King. He did this on Pride Rock, a monument that Eddie and I had sundowners on on our first evening at Borana. Yup! Story goes that some Disney writers were on vacation there many years back and were inspired to write in the monument to the story. I wasn’t just thrilled at being a part of history, I was blown away by the sunset view that my husband and I took in that evening. And the next, at a different location.

3. Wildlife and the Borana Special 5


Anyone who truly knows me knows that after too many game drives to count, I’m still intrigued by and in love with wildlife. What makes the wildlife in Borana captivating are the unique animals that are found in the region, most of which I last encountered exactly 10 years ago, in Samburu, during my days as a travel show host. Among them, the fascinating Beisa Oryx, majestic Reticulated Girraffe and solitary Grevys Zebra. While we spotted a very handsome lion, a stunning Cheetah with her cub, a few Black Rhinos and plenty of Zebra and Buffalo, seeing these unique creatures once more just added an extra something to the weekend. I missed out on spotting a Gerenuk! Maybe next time.

4. The Food


For the first time in my life, while staying at a lodge, I experienced a different kind of dining experience while at Borana. It wasn’t the usual buffet offering a wide array of tasty albeit cliche meals. This time round there was quiche, home made chutney, a snack that included dates wrapped in bacon and other delicacies that left my taste buds dizzy. In a good way!

5. The Anti-Poaching Mission


Geared up and ready to protect our wildlife, Borana’s anti-poaching security team now numbers over 100 men, who are continually trained and are deployed day and night to provide the eyes and ears to make sure that our wildlife is safe (from http://www.borana.co.ke/conservation/anti-poaching.html#.WSx1DWnXeEc). Eddie and I joined them on one of their deployment excursions and learnt first hand what these brave men in uniform risk to ensure endangers species are better protected.

Borana offered more than the effortless hospitality of the manager, Eloise, the staff, among them Patrick and Albert. It provided knowledge, romance and a new found appreciation for conservation. I’m not ready to wait another two years to make my return! Borana, take me back ❤

Visit http://www.borana.co.ke/ for more on Borana Conservancy

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  2. safi says:

    Janet, you are such an inspiration.Keep up. I love your posts.

  3. Sarah N Nderi says:

    I am aspiring to build a Fashion and Lifestyle blog and yours, Sowairina’s and thisisess’s blogs are my go to for tips. Thanks for being alive.

  4. Joyce Mbugua says:

    I have been visiting your blog often and I have loved everything about you. Please share your story on your upbringing,your life before marriage,school and such.I’m 18 and would really like to know how you matured up and stuff.

  5. Adlight muhambi says:

    hey Janet Karibu Sana Angama Mara it’s the best place you will leave to Rember all rooms have got a view to the Mara en I’ll be soo happy to be ur Butler too the food the service the hairdressers the rooms,will leave you with the best memories, happy anniversary janet

    • Janet Mbugua says:

      Thank you Adlight! Be sure to email me details and who knows, I may come and visit someday 😊

  6. Adlight muhambi says:

    hey Janet welcome to Angama Mara it’s one of the beautiful place you will enjoy,located on olololo escarpment all rooms have a view to the Mara the food is excellent,pliz try us en I would love to be ur Butler you will leave with the best memories Karibu Sana ur one of my mentors en I love reading ur stories so much Karibu Sana en happy anniversary

  7. Cindy says:

    Hey Janet please let us know how you met the love of your life,in one of your posts.meanwhile,your team is awesome

    • Janet Mbugua says:

      Thank you Cindy! Perhaps down the line I will. For now I prefer to keep those details close to my heart ❤

  8. Annmarie says:

    This is so beautiful. May God bless your union Janet.

  9. Michael Dyer says:

    Happy anniversary to you both come back soon and thanks so much

    • Janet Mbugua says:

      Thank you so much Michael! It was a pleasure staying at your amazing lodge. Thank you for the great work you’re doing for the communities in Borana!

  10. Ruth Cameron-Errington says:

    I think we should all being eating dates wrapped in bacon on a daily basis! Lush! 😉

    So lovely to meet you both, hope to bump into you again one day on a future safari 🦁❤️

    • Janet Mbugua says:

      Ruth! It was so lovely meeting you and Lisa! Hope you arrived back safe. Ah yes, dates wrapped in bacon…that did things to my tastebuds 😋😋😋

      Take care, would be lovely to bump into you again someday 🤗

  11. Lynn Esalimba says:

    Borana conservancy has just landed a space in my bucket list thanks to you Janet.Kenya is just amazing,its evident God took his time here.

    • Janet Mbugua says:

      Great to hear that Lynn 🤗 It is simply stunning. If you ever do go, fill me in on your experience!

  12. Lynn Esalimba says:

    Borana conservancy is definitely an addition to my bucket list thanks to you Janet.Kenya never ceases to amaze me,its evident God took His good time here.

  13. MaryGithuka says:

    Happy Anniversary lovely ones 😍😘😍😘

  14. Renee Mayaka says:

    Awesome, thanks for breaking it down like that and sharing your experience… I still remember the first time I met you with Eddie during our Stanchart July babies bash I think 3 or 4 years ago, he was so smitten with you, I remember we chatted forward to so long regarding your Inua Dada initiative, great job right there..glad to see this grew into full blown love and marriage… Happy anniversary to both of you, God bless you with many more…. Indeed #LoveWins 😍😍

  15. Sally says:

    Amaziiiing. Happy Anniversary. Kenya has so many beautiful places worth being explored. You definitely added this to my bucket list… Am a sucker for our beautiful country, sceneries and animals that you never get bored of no matter how many times you see them. Everytime feels like it’s the first time to see them.

    • Janet Mbugua says:

      You’re speaking my language Sally! I’ve seen these animals so many times but it’s exciting each time. The landscape and food just made everything so much more magical! I hope you make it to Borana some day!

  16. Wambui says:

    Happy Anniversary to you two!

  17. Rhyet says:

    Happy Anniversary… wishing you God’s blessings in your marriage.

  18. Doreen says:

    Awesome place it is

  19. Eur Ing Richard Townsend-Rose MA CEng MICE and REng(K) says:

    I will never forget my time as an Expatriate Engineer in Kenya first on the Mombasa-Nairobi Oil Pipeline, and then on the Chania II water supply project for Nairobi. It got me into the country side, and allowed me to visit a lot of the most beautiful places in the world . . . . 1973 – 1980

  20. Muthoni shelmith says:

    Wow… Such a beautiful place ma’

    Well I even noticed your 👢. Niceeee

  21. Kinjo says:

    Quite uplifting #selflove before anything else.
    Thank you Janet

  22. maureen says:

    Happy anniversary my dear. Beautiful views💚💚

  23. DavidM says:

    This country of ours never ceases to amaze me!


  24. Christine says:

    Such a beautiful place, dang! I am a sucker for such beautiful views, magical does not even start to describe it.. I am glad you had a blast and had some serious catching up that you badly needed


    • Janet Mbugua says:

      Thanks Christine! It’s as breathtaking as it is relaxing. I’ll hope you’ll have the pleasure of enjoying it someday!

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