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The rains have come as a relief to Kenyans. The beginning of good things to come, many are hoping, especially in light of the drought, which has, as of January, affected more than 2 million people. Given our tenacity to want to do something, many people have been wondering how best to reach out to the affected families. My previous post on the situation outlined a Paybill number. This post is more specific and outlines how your contribution can be used to help these families.

The Kenya Red Cross is currently carrying out the ‘Embrace A Family’ campaign, which breaks down what amount helps a family and for what duration.

Here’s a look at the categories:

Kshs 3,000 helps a family for 1 Month

Kshs 6,000 helps a family for 2 Months

Kshs 9,000 helps a family for 3 Months

Kshs 12,000 helps a family for 4 Months

From food to other basic necessities, this money will go a long way in giving some reprieve to the millions who need our help. And it’s doable. For instance, sacrifice lunch or dinner this weekend and send the money to offer support for a family that could do with that money for 1 month. As an option and as an example. Whatever you feel you have to offer will go along way.

Follow Kenya Red Cross across their social media platforms to find out how other well-wishers are a playing a crucial role in lending a hand to our brothers and sisters.

A little, they say, goes a long way ❤️

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4 Discussion to this post

  1. Nkirote says:

    Janet the best we can do as Kenyan is to come up with a permanent solution to those in the drought areas.Supporting them monthly won’t be a lasting solution. How about digging bole holes in the areas so that the water can be used for irrigation. Its time we stop giving handouts to our fellow Kenyan. Let’s join and come up with a permanent solution. Otherwise every year we will be having #kenyaforkenyan.

    • Janet Mbugua says:

      I hear you, but until that happens, these interventions help in their own way too. I’m a believer in doing something while we think of the bigger solution. Thank you all the same for weighing in!

  2. saadia says:

    Janet i love your spirit ,you have a beautiful soul.i love your humbleness .
    in the world of today its really hard to find such genuine people ,thanks for the post yeah we all have to play role whenever need arises.
    The affected areas need us more than ever imaging a little child crying for water oooh its hurts.I will personally do my part.
    Have a goodday head and may God continue to shower his blessings on you.

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