July 2, 20172

The vision of Lifebuoy is to change the hygiene habits of one billion people in Africa by 2020, and we are committed to change the hand washing behaviours of 12 million Kenyans by 2020 through the Help a Child Reach 5 programme. That’s as ambitious but it’s also doable, I truly believe. Because over the last 7 years the campaign has reached over 337 million people across Africa, Asia and Latin America, which is exciting because it brings us that much closer to bringing down the rates of infections caused by not washing hand with soap.

The first phase School of 5 program in Kenya has reached over 200,000 school children, that were reached through the Lifebuoy School of 5 handwashing behaviour change programme that happened between February & April 2017.

The 2nd Phase of the School of 5 Programme has been launched with the aim of reaching another 200,000 children between June – August 2017.


What’s exciting is that students collect wrappers after purchasing Lifebuoy soap as a commitment to the program and it’s competitive, because the student with the most wrappers wins something incredible, plus the teachers who are a passionate about spreading the message are rewarded too. Parents are certainly made more aware of the benefits of hand washing with soap!

People often ask me, ‘what can I do’? Well, to spread the Help A Child Reach 5 message, you can:

1. Visit your nearest Naivas store, purchase Lifebuoy (my favourite from the range is Lemon Fresh, love the scent) and because of that, you’ll have given a few children an education on hand washing with soap!

2. Continue to share the Sherry video; the message goes a long way in reinforcing the hand washing with soap message

3. Follow Lifebuoy across their social media! There’s always exiting new programs that delve deeper into their social mission.


More can only be achieved by working with customers, government agencies, NGOs and others by delivering handwashing education programmes that are proven to change behaviour and reduce preventable diseases such as diarrhoea and pneumonia.

I’ve can proudly say I’m part of the Help A Child Reach 5 movement and many have benefited because of my actions..can you?



  • Vitalyne

    July 5, 2017 at 12:35 am

    We missed you….


    • Janet Mbugua

      September 24, 2017 at 12:03 pm

      I’ll be back ?


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