The JourneyHELP A CHILD REACH 5 IN 2017

May 1, 20171

Being the Brand Ambassador for the Help A Child Reach 5 campaign in Kenya, in association with Lifebuoy, has been an eye-opening experience. A humbling one as well.

As a mother, I find it heart-breaking that so many children don’t reach the age of five and incredible that such a simple act, hand washing with soap, could help save so many lives, especially during the first 28 days of life.

Kenya has been so receptive towards the campaign and many children are taking initiative themselves, washing their hands with soap throughout the day and teaching their parents and teachers the importance of the initiative as well!

This year, let’s spread the word even louder! I’ll be sharing videos from today until the 10th  of May, celebrating a few hand washing with soap heroes, who know all too well that lack of hygiene can lead to loss of life, because they’ve experienced this with loved ones in their family. Follow my social media handles for more on this and begin to spread the word today, so that you too can Help A Child Reach 5 and even more, find out how YOU can be a part of this campaign ??

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  • liz kanyi

    May 9, 2017 at 4:43 pm

    Help a child reach 5 is awesome it reminds me of Hosea 4:6


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